Promotes the holistic development of children, families and communities.

Promotes the holistic
development of chil

Donation Facts

Donation Facts

  1. How does the money get used for Read to Rise program?

    Read to Rise book costs range from $5.00 US to $10.00 US per book. Books are placed in a Read to Rise resource bag for each child to take home with other donated materials.  Administrative costs are low and requested donations cover the book costs, shipping, delivery of books to schools and preparation of program.


  2. Can I donate used books?

    Read to Rise books selection are new books. Bridge Foundation does make exceptionsto use very gently used books but those books would not be a part of the Read to Rise book rotation program.  Accepted used books are given to schools and other related institutions on a case by case basis.


  3. Are we interested in partnership and sponsorship?

    Bridge Foundation seeks partnership and sponsorship to operate Read to Rise book exchange programs in schools in Trinidad and Tobago and other regional communities.  Bridge Foundation raises funds to support the Read to Rise book exchange program including the one day global celebration of reading to support Jumpstart. Here are the ways for companies to support Bridge Foundation early literacy programs:

    ·        Brand  materials on Read to Rise bags for children and other Read to Rise products

    ·        Product-tie-ins for events

    ·        Joint public  announcements of Bridge Foundation events and programs

    ·        Sponsorship of events and literacy programs

     See Corporations and Foundations>>>

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