Promotes the holistic development of children, families and communities.

Promotes the holistic
development of chil

Innovative Videos

This video is was found on thinkrtv showing that at any age one can be innovative

Promoting the importance of innovation
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A large part of Bridge Foundation mission is to advance civil society or non-profit sector and related sectors by sharing of information, best practices, resources, library of tools and publications written by leaders and practitioners in the relevant fields.

Information shared by Bridge Foundation is:

           to be applied to match the setting and environment of all organisations; and

to offer new strategies, inspirational information for new efforts and offer validation for those on-going.

Bridge Foundation understands that no-program, however in its original setting, will require modification and that  "cookie-cutter" programs do not exist.   

Articles will be shared that express national, regional and international dialogue on best practices and offer creative and innovative strategies for those working on the "ground" day by day.

Publications will be shared through internet links to help organizations create a competitive advantage within their organizations and to ensure that they remain relevant and effective.

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As the Bridge Foundation shares through publications, articles and research. the Bridge Foundation simultaneously offers training and seminars on topics relevant to its mission.

See TSBI trainings and schedule. See also BpA workshops and seminars tailored for clients and  one-on-one consultation.

Innovator Series:  The Bridge Foundation Innovator Series will include a series of interviews and written reviews of local Trinidad and Tobago, Caribbean regional and international individuals who have a passion for children and families and communities. 

Educator Interview (video): Principal of St. Agnes R.C. School St. James, Interview