Promotes the holistic development of children, families and communities.

Promotes the holistic
development of chil

Building Partnership

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The Foundation promotes the holistic and healthy development, growth and education of children and understand that children do well when their families do well, and that families thrive when they live in supportive communities.

We are excited to work with likeminded partners and promote practices that center on family and community-focused approaches. Literacy is a door we have entered to engage family and community and we plan to enter through several other doors to support that philosophy.

We will be working in 2013 in the Mayaro and Guayaguayarie communities of Trinidad and Tobago with our sponsorship partner, BG to promote the Read to Rise, a literacy school- family-community program.

We are offering information and resources to schools through School Connect and overtime will begin to document innovations and practices that work within the school system of Trinidad and Tobago including other school systems.

We will be seeking opportunities to work alongside institutions to promote Knowledge Sharing among NGO’s and the intrinsic value of knowledge sharing to promote innovation within the NGO sector.

We are spotlighting gains made in communities through our Advocacy through Photography project and will begin to have traction in 2013.

We will also continue to train important vehicles like schools boards in good governance and strategies for school and community to work together.

These initiatives possess several of the attributes that the Foundation believes are key to improving outcomes for communities and the Bridge Foundation will collaborate with partners and institutions to design, pilot and plan for the broader implementation of programs and strategies geared toward families with young children within the communities they serve.



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"Bridge Foundation promotes the culture of innovation within Caribbean communities and links global innovative practices to inform local responses within Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.

Promotion of innovation encourages organizations, institutions, communities and individuals to use knowledge more effectively to create new responses and programs for children and families.

Innovation happens every day at home, at school, in the community and in the most unsuspecting places.  Innovation means creating something new, opening up new possibilities and charting new frontiers.

Through the  Innovator Series and Bridge Links, the Foundation will share what is happening around us and show case individuals who are making a difference and creating waves and breakthroughs."

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